Creating a secure environment when telecommuting using G Suite

With more companies expanding telecommuting due to COVID-19, the demand for security features, such as blocking unauthorized access, is skyrocketing in corporate cloud systems.

In particular, suspicious access or security incidents such as phishing may occur during remote or telecommuting via mobile or computer through G Suite.

Here are three ways to create safe telecommuting with KillerID - the G Suite security platform.

1. IP-based access control

Control access based on a designated place such as a company address or home address. Using IP-Based Access Control can block access from countries or regions that are not related to your work at all. You can also set up remote workers to require access through a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

- A screen that shows the users location information on a map -

2. Login management and analysis

When it comes to the G Suite, the user's login information is stored for up to 6 months, while KillerID can keep unlimited login histories. Accordingly, in accordance with the requirements of many Information Security Management Systems (ISMS), it is possible to meet the log-in record requirement such as 2 years as well as to analyze the big data of the access history. Killer ID can link the AI ​​service of Google Cloud Platform to machine learn the user's log-in pattern and history through analysis.

- Interactive login activity report using Google big data analysis -

3. Security auditing with your company organization chart and personnel system.

Company organization charts and employee contact information appear as Google G Suite Gmail when working at home. Add-ons, and usage with on-prem internet/phone systems integration is also possible. In other words, in conjunction with the company personnel information system, it is possible to automatically issue a Google G Suite account or to cancel an account when a staff is leaving the company. In addition, you can use the audit function for advanced settings of user email to enhance security when working from home.

- A screen showing internal personnel information about the caller in Google Gmail -

Other users gain an advantage by using their internal login system combined with G Suite login, so login management and employees’ contact information can be expanded to users without G-Suite licenses.


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